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Making a Business Case for Motor Pool: Strategies for a Smooth Launch and Pitfalls to Avoid


You already know that your organization can save tens of thousands—even hundreds of thousands of dollars—by sharing vehicles, reducing underused vehicles, and automating fleet management processes. If you’ve decided you want to share vehicles in a motor pool, but are concerned that your stakeholders will balk, learn the roadmap for success by attending this program.

Learning Objectives
You will learn step by step how to make a business case for a shared vehicle initiative, and all the reasons why it makes the MOST sense under pandemic or other unforeseen circumstances.
You will learn real-world examples from fleet managers who have "been there and done that" successfully making a business case and launching motor pools while keeping stakeholders happy and reducing costs.
You will learn the pitfalls to avoid before launching your motor pool, and they might not be what you think!

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