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Resolving Issues in Exhaust After Treatment Systems and Diesel Fuel Quality


This session will address the cause of regens and how to reduce their occurrence.  The "Time is money” reference best equates to the elimination of costly active and manual regens, as both reduce the drivers and power units’ efficiency will be compromised.  

Learning Objectives
Manage Down Time costs by eliminating common issues with the Exhaust After Treatment Systems.  Promoting Up Time and Driver productivity.
Learn how to keep exhaust system components from getting dirty or clogged which do not allow systems to operate as intended. Significantly reduce equipment power loss, poor fuel economy, excessive manual regens of the DPF, increased emissions, and or engine shutdown.
You're not alone - As reported by Transport Topics articles in both 2018 and 2019,  Fleet roadside repairs and costs have risen on Exhaust repairs. Double digit percent increases from one quarter to another are the leading cause of Exhaust System Repairs. Typical repairs are on diesel particulate filters ( DPF ), selective catalytic reduction ( SCR ), and Exhaust Gas Recirculation ( EGR ) systems. 

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