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Assessing Your Fleet for BEV Readiness


Battery electric vehicles (BEV) sales in North America have hovered between 2% and 3% of overall vehicle sales, over the past few years, by most accounts. This statistic is changing. BEVs are the future, and BEV sales by some projections are expected to reach 10% or more of overall sales in the next five-to-six years. A shift like this may not have been seen since we transitioned from horse and buggy. You may be considering a transition of your fleet to BEV. Are you prepared? Join us as we share a checklist of eight topics to help assess your fleet's readiness and plan your journey. 

Learning Objectives
Learn how to define your sustainability goals, track BEV availability, define your active fleet portfolio needs, and match available BEVs to your fleet portfolio needs
Discover how to do your TCO homework, develop your charging infrastructure plan, and understand rebates, credits, and discounts available

Uncover how to measure and reassess BEV vehicles for your fleet properly 

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