Sustainable Fleet Guide

This guide discusses how sustainability is an important consideration in all aspects of business operations, especially fleet management. Ensuring fleet operations are sustainable - from acquisition through to vehicle remarketing - is a critical function of fleet management. This module starts with an introduction on building the foundations of a sustainable fleet program and drafting a sustainable fleet plan. The second section examines all aspects of sustainable driver training with an emphasis on the role of driver behavior in using less fuel by modifying driving habits. The module then covers different fuel types and the importance of tracking fuel use, especially idling. The guide then looks at sustainable acquisition practices and the role of lifecycle cost analysis in making the right decisions. A full section discusses measuring success, what key performance indicators may be important and how to track them in a meaningful way. Finally, the module concludes with some observations on change management and harnessing leaders to influence organizations to become more sustainable. All of this information can be applied by fleet managers to assist them in driving their fleets to becoming NAFA-accredited sustainable fleets.

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