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The future of the fuels market is heavily influenced by the future of the vehicle market and vice-versa – the two are inseparable.  However, multiple studies show that diesel engines will continue to be the preferred work horses of the work truck industry for many years to come.  So, what can fleets do to make an immediate improvement in their environmental impact today, as well as invest wisely for the future? Biodiesel is America’s Advanced Biofuel – available here and now, from coast to coast, helping fleets reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, manage costs and optimize performance using their existing and new diesel equipment without modification. Join us for this webinar opportunity to learn more about the compelling case for biodiesel and why it may make sense for your fleet, now and in the future.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what biodiesel is and best practices for using it in diesel engines and vehicles
  2. Name some of the key Economic, Environmental, and Performance Benefits of biodiesel
  3. Understand the major federal and state drivers and rationale for biodiesel and how fleets can benefit from them
  4. Review Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) support for biodiesel blends and new Fleet Purchasing Outlook Survey results
  5. Identify the resources and opportunities available to fleets who want to use biodiesel blends in their operations

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